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Face Shapes and Hat Style
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What is your face shape?

The Best Fashion for Your Face Shape

Rachel Bilson with a fashion beanie hat Rachel Bilson via David Gabber/Photorazzi

I often witness women wearing the wrong hat for their face shape. It's almost embarrassing, really.
The hat is either too big, making their face look smaller; or too small, making their wide face wider.

That's why you should spend some time in determining your face shape - and learn what shapes and haircuts flatter it.

Like for example, if you want your face to look slimmer and longer then a hat with some height in the crown or vertical ribbed texture will help.

Hats with embellishments just above your forehead will also add more length to your face by drawing the eye upwards.

If you want to do the exact opposite (
shorten a long face) then flat crowns and hats with a little bit of width at cheekbone level will do the trick.

Let's take a look at my hat suggestions for each face shape:

Hat Styles Recommended for the Different Face Shapes


You'll sport a variety of fashion hats.

However, one of your best styles has large brims that are either floppy or straight and no wider than your shoulders. Looks very classy on your nicely proportioned face shape.

Learn more on how to style your Oval Face Shape

Best hats for Oval Face Shape Courtesy of Socialite Life


Your goal is to elongate your face to make it look more like an oval, as well as add definition.

So look for:

  • An irregular brim

  • A prominent crown

  • Vertical design features such as feathers

Learn more on how to style your Round face shape

Best hats for Round Face Shape

Courtesy of Stella Pictures


Your focus is to soften your jawline.

So look for

  • Hats with full brims

  • Uplifted brims

  • Avoid high crowns and small brims that make your face look longer

Learn more on how to style your Rectangle face shape

See Square face below.

Best hats for Rectangle Face Shape

Courtesy of Celebutopia


Your focus is to soften your jawline and elongate & slim your face shape.

So look for:

  • An irregular brim and a prominent crown will make your face appear longer

  • ... and wear it at an angle to soften your face's squareness

Learn more on how to style your Square face shape

Best hats for True Square Round Face Shape


Your styling focus is to shorten your face shape and add some width.

So look for:

  • Full or upturned brims

  • Not too much height in the crown (slightly flat)

Learn more on how to style your Oblong face shape

Best hats for Oblong Round Face Shape


Your goal is to to add width at the forehead.

So look for:

  • Any hat style that adds width at the forehead

  • Asymmetric brims and crowns with some height which help to draw attention upwards

Learn more on how to style your Triangular face shape

Best hats for Triangular Face Shape

Courtesy of Splash News


Your focus is to widen your forehead.

So look for:

  • Hats with medium brims to avoid making your forehead or chin narrower

  • Hats with side bands to help visually widen your forehead

Learn more on how to style your Diamond face shape

Best hats for Diamong Face Shape

Heart/Inverted Triangle

You'd want to select hats that narrow your forehead.

So look for:

  • Hats with a prominent crown to make your forehead appear narrower

  • Medium brim to prevent your chin looking narrower

  • ... And wear a hat on an angle

Learn more on how to style your Heart face shape

Best hats for Heart Face Shape

Courtesy of JustJared

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Scale the Hat

Also have your face and hat size in mind.

If you have a narrow or small face then a chunky knit hat won't be the best option for you as it can drag
your face down and make it look thinner/smaller in comparison.

Fashion hats with more volume and thicker texture/fabric will flatter fuller and wider faces.

Complement Your Body Shape

When you try on different womens fashion hats, look at yourself in a full-length mirror to make sure that it looks in proportion to your frame (body shape), height and overall silhouette.
Take a look from the sides and see if it flatters you from all angles.
If you're familiar with how dressing your body shape works
you won't be surprised that a hat can help you achieve a symmetrical, hourglass figure.
If you're bottom-heavy a wider hat will help
"fill in" the narrow part of your body.
Or if you're top-heavy, slimmer hat styles will de-emphasize your wide shoulders and full bust.

A brim wider than your shoulders are a definitive no-no as it can throw your silhouette off balance.

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